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Now I´m going to tell you all about when we hiked to Trolltunga in Norway. This one was on my bucketlist, and for a damn good reason! The views you get from this weird rock formation in Hordaland fylke, Norway, is to die for. It´s not just the rock itself that is incredible (see pictures below), the color of the lake Ringedalsvatnet, the mountains and the moss is also just spectacular.

Climbing to the top, and relaxing at the same time 🙂

Getting there

Easiest way to get there is to drive to the city of Odda, then you can follow the road marked RV 13 to Tyssedal and then follow the signs towards Skjeggedal. The parking lot for the beginning of the trail is approximately 7 km from there.

The hike to the top

It took us approximately 10h to hike to trolltunga and back, but then we spent around 80 minutes waiting in queues just to get a solo shot from the rock. First Håkan for 40 min, when he came back it was my time to stand in queue. Yes, it´s A LOT of people up there. Not so much that it feels crowded on your hike up to the rock, but the rock itself… it was at least 50-60 people standing around it.

Me, jumping out of joy!

Getting back

On the way down, it felt like all the people had magically disappeared. We almost didn´t see anybody but ourselves. We spent another 30-40 minutes on having a nice lunch on  the mountainside next to a stream. Lovely day! And we were also really lucky with the weather! Jackpot! Woho!

Hiking down again.


Trolltunga is one of the most amazing day hikes I have done so far! I recommend everyone to go there. And I will give Trolltunga 5 out of 5 stars!


I have also done a short video about our roadtrip through Norway, you can find it below:

Have a great day!

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