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Cage Diving with the GREAT whites!

I always had this fascination with the great white shark. Since the movie Jaws, which I watched like a hundred times, I was hooked (no pun intended) on the mystery this creatures exuded. They are beautiful, graceful, powerful and probably a lot of other words that ends with “ful”.

Ever since I took my diving certificate, my plan was to dive with these amazing creatures of the sea. So when we (my boyfriend Håkan and myself) were roadtrippin New Zealand, we took the chance to go cage diving in the southernmost tip of the country, Bluff.

Getting to where the sharks live

We got on a boat that had a large cage stuck at the end of it, or rear, or whatever word it is in boat language! This was a pretty cold day, it was around 13 degrees celsius, both in the water and in the air. We got out to where the sharks live, the crew on the boat started to ,repeatedly, throw out a buoy with a fish stuck to the end of it. This to lure the sharks to come check us out! And since they are really curious, it didn´t take long before they were circulating our boat.

On our way!

Gear up

So we geared up and got down in this, pretty small, cage. The water was freezing! I actually believed that I was going to freeze to death!

Getting to business!

Getting payed for our effort

And what a wonderful sight we got! We saw around 20 different animals, with 20 different temperaments. It was so freaking cool! In many ways! 😀 There were also a lot of other animals that wanted to feast on our bait. We saw schools of barracuda and other schools of unidentified fish. Seagulls was also intrigued by the commotion.

Shark´s tale.

Freezing to death

Håkan isn´t as cold as I am, so he could stay down there for longer periods of time, that lucky bastard!:) I was certain that I was going to die from freezing to death. I have never in my life been that cold. Not before, and not after. Luckily the crew had brought a lot of tea and coffee!

Two really cold pieces of meat!

On the surface

I spent more time above the cage than Håkan, so I took a lot of pictures from there as well. It was almost equally as amazing. When the sharks break the surface 10 cm from your feet, you get a really good glimpse on all their scars and the smaller fishes that are stuck to them. I have no words for it!

Surface breakage.


It was really expensive, but so worth it I could do it again! But next time, it will be without the cage. Even though they look kind of intimidating. This is one of my top 10 adventures in my life, which gives it, yeah you guessed it! 5 out of 5 stars!

I have also made a video from our dive, you can find it below:

Peace out!


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