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Everybody should go on a Eurotrip in their 20´s! I had waited a really long time before I did mine. I was 26 years old. Almost dead, the youngsters would say….

All of my friend suck, sorry but you do…., because no one wanted to come with me! Friend 1 had just met a new boyfriend and felt that the need for cuddles where stronger than the need to explore our beautiful earth. Friend 2 didn´t have a decent job so he/she couldn´t get the money needed for a trip, even a dodgy, cheap, livinginmycar kinda trip. Friend 3 thought it would suck sitting in an old car, without air-conditioning, kilometer after kilometer just to see dirty cities of Europe. The third one is not my friend anymore….

Roadtrips are awesome! If you have another opinion about that, don´t even talk to me!

Anyway, I got sick and tired of trying to convince my “old” friends to come with me, so I  found new friends on a travel community instead!

So it happened that three strangers and I got into my old Volvo from -74 and drove 11000km around Europe. It was freaking awesome! We only hated each other once in a while, the rest of the time, we had a lot of fun!IMG_0279
The ol´Volvo!

The first day. Strangers on a boat.

IMG_0151 (2)
We stayed in people’s homes sometimes as well (couch surfing). It is great… !

IMG_0200 (2)
Bungyjumping in France!

Being ridiculous on the top of a mountain.

Kayaking in nature!

As I said. Everyone should roadtrip in Europe! We did a lot of fun stuff, roaming around randomly at times, and I will (eventually) write most of it down here on my blog. But for now…. I´m just scratching off “Eurotrip” on my Bucketlist! ;-D

I give Eurotrip 5 out of 5 stars!if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965

I loved Eurotrippin so much, I actually did it again in 2016…. There will be a lot of posts from that time as well. Ah, yeah! I forgot! I also had “travel with a stranger” on my Bucketlist. As you can understand, that it is now a big fat cross over it!

Okay! Peace out! Go trippin! On the road I mean….


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