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Hiking in the Odle Mountains

Everyone that has an inch of an interest for hiking has seen that picture on Instagram: You know, that picture with a surreal looking mountainside, which is completely green on one side and dark, grey and hostile on the other. It´s almost like the mountain broke in half. If you haven’t seen it yet. I will show it to you. Because last summer, I hiked that extraordinary mountainside that is called “the Odle mountains” that lies in the Dolomites in Italy.

It wasn’t easy to find, I will tell you that. I tried really hard to Google the exact location of the mountain before I shipped off (an expression of course, I went on a road trip by car😊), but I never quite understood where it was. Also the name of it wasn’t clear to me. I tought it was called the trail of Sedeca, but when I arrived in the city of Santa Cristina and asked for it at the tourist information, they laughed and said it was called Seceda! Oh, silly me, how couldn´t I speak Italian? They also laughed because I pronounced “Odle” wrong….. But I´m not bitter! Anyways! No wonder I didn´t find it on google. But luckily I was in the right town at least.

To get to the top, and those amazingly weird mountains, you can go either by the gondola cable way or you can hike to the top. When you´re on top, you will see that Instagram and Pinterest favorite, the moment you leave the gondola! You can pretty much walk 2 meters, take a picture and get down in the gondola again. We didn´t of course. We love hiking! We hiked around the area the entire day. It is such a beautiful place! There´s nothing like it (that I know of) and I loved every meter of this valley!

The first km hiked!

Continued on in the valley. Wonderful place.

After the hike in this valley, in the mountains above the other valleys (confusing, I know, I´m sorry…), we hiked down to Santa Cristina again. And were extremely happy to have found this magical place in the Dolomites!

Hiking down again!

Yeah, you guessed it right. Hiking in the Odle mountains is a five-star adventure!

And I want to recommend Italy as a country! If you can only go to one country before you die, Italy is it. It has awesome nature, beautiful cities and the greatest food! And the ice cream, I could kill to taste again!

Have a nice one!


6 thoughts on “Hiking in the Odle Mountains”

  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and today’s poem is about a hike in the Dolomites in case you have time to look? Wishing you a good afternoon, Sam 🙂

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  2. Hi

    Thank you for your great blog post!
    I’ve struggled with the same as you and are going to the area in july. Im hoping to do the same hike as you.
    Can i ask which cable car you took to get to your starting point? And how much time did you use in total? Are there any points of the trail that are very steep (so steep you almost have to climb)?

    Thank you for your answers!


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