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When I was a kid, I was really fascinated by Australia. Australia had the funniest animals: The koalas, the kangaroos, the platypus and all that other weird stuff that could not be found anywhere else in the world. I think it was my obsession with animals that made me want to go living in Australia. Yep, I said living, because I didn´t just want to go there for a holiday, I wanted to LIVE there. Even as a 10 year-old I was fucking insane…

I didn´t really think about it that much until I came up with another brilliant idea, this time in my 20´s, and that was to become a pilot. Could I become a pilot in Sweden? Yeah, probably…. Would it kick ass? Yeah, probably…. Wouldn´t it kick even more ass to go abroad and become a pilot? Well. FUCK YEAH!? So I decided to go to the country where my childhood-self had made it REALLY clear that I would go someday. So I did.

I didn´t go as soon as I got the idea though. You need a mountain of money both to live in Australia and to become a pilot. I worked hard as, for 6 years. Then I sold everything I owned and moved to a country I knew nothing about, besides that they have koalas, kangaroos and platypus.

But I got what I needed to live a decent life in Australia. A house, a car, a scooter, a tv, a cowboy hat and even a dog at times! 🙂 I learned that not all spiders and snakes are dangerous, that far from everything in Australia is covered in red sand and the clerks call you “hon” at the gas stations.

It was great times. And how much I loved that crazy country!

I lived in Australia for 1,5 years before they kicked me out. There are a lot of stories in between, but I can´t really rant all of the them in one post. There will be a lot of post. Like A LOT of posts. Well maybe not A LOT… but quite a lot…. ah, you get it!

Living abroad changed me as a person. It made me more independent, less afraid of new things and I also learned that I can take care of myself without the help of others. And also that people are friendlier than one might think!

I give living abroad 5 out of 5 stars, I will also reward the country of Australia with equal amount of stars. I miss you, and I would like to come back please! 😀


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