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Flying in Sognefjord, Norway.

For a couple of month, I had planned to fly over to Norway (from Sweden, where I live), zigzagging through some fjords and then fly back again. I also wanted to stop in Florø for the night. But for all of us who live in the nordic countries, we know that the weather rarely behaves like we want it to behave. I had booked the plane every weekend the last 3 months before I actually went, and the reason being: the weather sucked! Every weekend for 3 month…. VFR flying isn´t the most optimal way to go in a country that is covered with mountains and next to the ocean. But since I don´t have an instrument rating… Eventually I had to change my plans of flying around for 2 whole days, to flying around for half a day.

The weather this day in July was…. okay! We could probably get to the airport of Sogndal and MAYBE go out to the coast, through the Sognefjord, before the cloud cover was to low for comfort. And that is exactly what happened!

Map of our trip.

First stop

First we landed in Fagernes to get some fuel. There were some friendly Norwegians at the aeroclub on the airport which we had a chat with. Our dog Krut was also with us on this trip, so we went for a small walk with her before leaving again. Even though Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Sweden isn´t that bad either… not from above at least! 😀

In Swedish airspace.
I´m very satisfied when flying over the border.

On our way to Fagernes.

Second stop

After Fagernes we flew to Sogndal in Sognefjord. This is where the mountains really started to arise in the horizon. The snow was still covering this higher parts of the country. When flying over the mountains we were above 7500 ft. The views where spectacular! Absolutely stunning! We landed at Sogndal airport before we took of again, heading for the coast!

Great views, great times.
Beautiful lake on top of a mountain.
Getting over the mountains to Sognefjord.

Third stop

As I said we headed for the coast. This is where the cloud cover became lower for every km. Eventually we had to turn around because we just couldn´t get any lower. We almost got all the way out to the coast! We flew pretty low through the Sognefjord, so low that we had to ascend a couple of times to get passed electrical cables hanging across the fjord. It was VERY exciting, I will tell you that! Norway is amazing, it is incredible beautiful. It is almost even more amazing from above. I wasn´t grumpy that I couldn´t to my whole flight plan that weekend, I´m so very grateful for the sights I had. I feel lucky!

The views from the backseat.
It´s so beautiful, I kind of want to cry.
Spectacular view from a bird’s eye.

No words…

Fourth stop

We didn´t actually stop on the third or the fourth “stop”. But these were the points we altered course. We eventually flew back to Karlskoga in Sweden. But before that, we saw so many beautiful sights it is almost ridiculous!

This country is almost to good to be true!

I give overall flying five out of five stars. Because it is a freedom that can´t be explained. But flying in Norway is a 10 out of 5 stars! But since there are only five stars, five stars it is! if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965

I also made a video from our flight to Norway:

Hope you could fly here one day!
Have a wonderful day you guys!


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