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Bromo-Tengger-Semeru – Part I

In Indonesia, on the island of Java to be exact, you can find an amazing-looking volcano called Mount Bromo. This lies within the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru national park and is one out of two active volcanoes in the park. There are also two inactive volcanoes. The first one is Tengger, that is an old volcano which host both Bromo, and the other inactive volcano of mount Batok! The second active volcano is also the highest mountain of Java and you can see it really far away in the background when wandering the park. In the park is also a bunch of lakes and rivers and hosts Indonesia’s only sea of sand. It is absolutely stunning and unique in many ways!

Getting there

To get there you can go by air to the airport in Surabaya. From Surabaya you can take a bus to the city of Probolinggo. We were touring around in Java for a bit so we started our “mount-bromo tour” from Surabaya. We did our own tour and didn´t go with one of those tourist buses that are around. We´ve never been fans of the tours… We always want to be alone and explore in our own pace.

Cemoro Lawang

From Probolinggo, a small bus takes off for Cemoro Lawang (the base of Bromo) when full. We didn´t have the patience to wait, so we paid off the bus driver to take us up with only us two in the bus. Since Indonesia is super cheap, we westerns can afford that! It´s a really narrow, windy road up to Cemoro Lawang and the views are grand! We got as high up ,and so close to the start of the trail, as possible, so we could easily walk over to Bromo.

View from our hostel.

Cemoro Lawang.

The sea of sand

As soon as you get to the edge of the first volcano, which is the old caldera of Tengger, you´ll get hit by the amazing view over the park. Of course you´ll first notice the three odd-looking volcanoes in the distance, but after that, you will notice the sea of sand. Or rather the sea of ashes. The whole area is covered with it. And the edges are green and lush. It is weird to see. My camera didn´t approve of the ashes and has never been the same after this.

Sea of sand.

Climbing Mount Batok

After being in awe of the big sea of sand and becoming grey out of ashes we decided to climb Mount Batok, that´s the funny shaped one which gives you a great view over Bromo (the active smoky one) but also the rest of the national park. It is pretty steep to climb up here, and there are no steps carved in the side of the volcano, it was really exciting at times! The wind was strong and the dirt and gravel made it hard to get a firm grip on the ground you´re climbing. But the view made it all worth it! We came up and we were instantly rewarded.

bromo21Overlooking Semeru.

Getting up and on top!


Going to this national park is a must before you die! There´s is nothing like it. It is unique in many ways. If you love nature, this is your playground! I´ll (obviously) give climbing up mount Batok in Bromo-Tengger-Semeru national park a solid five out of five stars!

The day after, we climbed another mountain. You can see that link down below (as soon as I written it down!) 🙂

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Have a great one!


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