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Orakei Korako

New Zealand is amazing in many ways. The country is filled with volcanoes, weird boulders, beaches, rainforests, snow-covered mountains, geysers and a lot of geothermal wonders. One of the must-see geothermal sites is Orakei Korako. The word is in Maori and means something like “The Glittering Place of Adorning”. You can read more about the park in this link, if you´re interested in the whole history about the place…

I´m just here to tell you about the experience. And an experience it is! It is truly, and wonderfully, weird. It is a photographers paradise! There are colorful algae and small turquoise fountains and waterfalls EVERYWHERE! I really felt at home here, since I love colorful things. And ALSO! It is HOT! Because, you know, it is geothermal stuff… hot springs and shit. And I like it hot. Hating the cold. This is my home. And if you´re anything like me, you should go there.

The boat to get to the wonderful park of Orakei Korako.

Two people who really enjoys being where they are. Me on the top, bf Håkan on the bottom. It´s so colorful I could get married to it!

Time well spent

There are many plateaus and small zigzagging trails to get photos from. The park is actually really small. It should take like 15 minutes, if you walk in a fast pace and don´t take pictures, to see the whole thing. But we still spent like three-four hours there! There was something new to discover every time we passed the same point of interest.

It is really freaking cool. Click on the pictures for enlargement. You will not regret it, I promise.

Photos to be taken

Taking photos here was so much fun! Also geothermal stuff is very interesting… I can´t really remember anything interesting to tell you now though, but it´s because this was freaking 4 years ago! I can show you my photos? I won´t bore you with my 300 photos of the place though, don´t you worry! These are just the best ones, but man it was hard to choose just a couple of them!

The close-ups on the lovely algae.

Mud bath (a wish that didn´t come true…)

In the park, there isn´t just geyser, algae, fountains and hot springs. There are also pools of mud that are boiling! I understand it to be so hot that you CAN`T get inside, but boy was I craving to get down there! It was cold outside and the boiling mud looked amazing. Both in color and texture. Yummie!

Mud. And then some algae again. I can´t choose pictures here, it´s to damn hard!

No touching

There are a lot of signs telling you not to touch the water because you will get burnt. And that is lucky, because it is really hard to resist! It´s hot springs for god sakes, of course you want to get inside? But you can´t. Well, you get it….

orakeikorako74Håkan couldn´t resist touching it anyways, so he did…. that crazy buffoon!

Where is this wonderful place?

If you are on the northern island of New Zealand, in the middle of Taupo and Rotorua, you are basically there. Orakei Korako is very easy to find, the roads have signs and you can ask for directions in any tourist information. A plus is that there isn´t that many tourists around either and you will not be disappointed when it comes to eye candy. Well at least not if you like nature. If you hate nature: go to Singapore instead! (I kind of love Singapore too)

I will give Orakei Korako, yeah…. I´m getting naggy here, but…. five out of five stars!
if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965 I can´t help it. I love everything nature! And I´ve been to many amazing places! And this is one of those very amazing places. Have I told you to go there yet? Man… I should really get sponsored by the Orakei Korako park…..

Have you been to any amazing nature extraordinaire? Please tell me in the comment section below!




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