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My boyfriend Håkan and I decided to drive motorcycles through Norway, this is something you have to do before you die, because Norway is the freaking King of motorcycle trips! We then remembered that Håkan isn´t in the position of driving a motorcycle. He doesn´t have a license…. DAMNIT! So I came up with the brilliant idea of him driving a car, with all our gear, so I could drive the motorcycle with ease instead. But he couldn´t judy drive a regular, modern, boring car like a normal person, so he took my -71 Beetle. We were an odd couple on the roads of Norway that got a lot of attention. But we had a blast! And got awesome photos of the two veteran vehicles! And ourselves… At least we think so…

ko luktar på hoj
Even the cows were like: “Whaaaat? Sweet!”

The trip

We only had about 8 days for this road trip so we had to narrow it down from our original plan (that we probably would´ve needed about a month for). It takes forever to drive through Norway, something you kind of don´t understand until you get there. The mountains are high and the fjords are deep. The road goes around these most of the time, but sometimes you can take a ferry across the fjords to cut your losses.

Our itinerary for the Norwegian side (we drove to and from Karlskoga, Sweden)
My tiny Beetle on a ferry, living on the edge!


One of the first stretches of roads we went on, that was really freaking cool, was the Atlanterhavsvei. This is a very famous road/bridge that sweep across the outer fjords from Kristansund to Molde. It is built between a bunch of small islands and it looks absolutely insane! Apparently this is a very dangerous road to drive in the winter, and when it is storming. But we got a calm cloudy day when we passed here, so it went really smooth.

It is truly a beautifully crafted stretch of road.

Not just the road

It´s not just the road that is truly amazing, the surroundings itself, you could kill for. I was really impressed, but then again… I´m always impressed with Norway!

Spectacular landscape of Norway.


The Atlanterhavsvei should be on everybody´s bucketlist. It is even okay to drive it with a normal, boring, modern car too, you just need to drive it! It is so cool! One of these days I´m going to fly over it as well (with my Cessna 172) and it´s going to be awesome!

Atlanterhavsveien: if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965

This is my video from the road trip in Norway:

Have a great road trip!


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