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White water rafting on the Kaituna river

White water rafting was something that came to me naturally when I started scribbling down my bucketlist. There are a couple of things you need to do that everyone will write down, these being: skydive, white water rafting, bungy jump, travel to 100 countries (Even though I only got 40 on my list…) and to learn something (language, surf, scuba diving, etc.). Come on, tell me I am not right? What is on your bucketlist?

Anyways, the white water rafting scored pretty high on the list. The only problem, in my case, is that this is my biggest fear: water… I´m not even sure if I´m scared of drowning or just getting wet, I hate both of them! Maybe I hate being dead MORE than being wet… but the line is thin. It took me 28 years before I manage to pull of my biggest fear. My boyfriend Håkan and I were travelling in New Zealand when we parked our car in the Adrenaline capital of the world: Queenstown. And here we stayed, and here we went completely crazy and did everything adrenaline you could imagine. And after all of these stunts I didn´t really feel scared anymore. I was in a mood where I though I could do anything! Adrenaline does that to you… But I was ready to white water raft! We didn´t find the right kind of rafting around Queenstown as we wished for. So we drove up to the northern island instead.

The Kaituna river

We had read about this place, called the Kaituna river, that has a 7 m drop in the form of a waterfall. That sounded crazy enough for us. When you´re doing something you´re scared of, why not just go all in? If you´re going to die, at least die in a spectacular way! So we contacted river rats, who operates on this river. You can find them just north of Rotorua on the northern island of New Zealand. And you should know that the river isn´t just hosting a 7m waterfall (and some smaller ones) it is also beautiful beyond imagination. With its turquoise water and lush forest surrounding it. Great place!

Our group of crazy.

Before the 7m drop

I wasn´t in my best shape, I had injured both of my wrist when downhill mountainbiking in Queenstown a couple of days earlier. One of my wrist was, kind of, fully functioning, but the other one… let us just say it added some flavour to my anxiety. I was scared to the core of my inner self when getting closer and closer to that 7m drop. Just because I knew there was something worse waiting for me, the rafting before the drop went by pretty smooth. I wasn´t freaking out in every corner. Good for me!

First couple of waterfalls.

At the 7 m drop

Okay, so now I got nervous. Crazy nervous. We were sitting there by the edge, looking at other groups of rafters disappearing into the abyss. The guide was instructing us how to react and what to do if we tip over and whatnot, I´m not sure what he was talking about, cause I wasn´t listening! Then came our turn. My heart was pounding like never before. How ridiculous you might say, I´ve been bungy jumping and skydiving and are afraid of something so harmless as water. What can I say… Maybe I drowned in an earlier life?

Going over the edge!

After the 7m drop

I survived! I have never been happier! I had conquered one of my biggest fear and I still feel proud over myself to this day! The rest of the ride was a piece of cake. I wasn´t scared at all. We just had a lot of fun!

Enjoying ourselves.


I made a video on our ride on the Kaituna river, you can watch it below:


I´m happy that I wrote white water rafting down, I´m even more happy that I can scratch it of my bucketlist. Everybody writes it down for a damn good reason: it is freaking awesome! So much fun! Well, between the “I´m going to die”-parts at least….

I will give white water rafting five out of five stars, because it is fun and you get an adrenaline rush, is there anything else in this world? I think not.


Proud rafters of this day in April next to the Kaituna river.

So go rafting!
See ya,


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