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Bouddi National Park

The Lisegang rings is a phenomena I hadn´t ever heard of until I came to Australia. Over there it is pretty “common” (there are a few places around where you can see this). We first saw it in a photo on Instagram and were like: “Whaaaaaa?” so we decided to see it for ourselves. Living in Cessnock, NSW, at the time, we were pretty close to that rock we saw on Instagram. This was situated in Bouddi National Park, north of Sydney, South of Newcastle.

Map over Bouddi.

We went

We entered a very small tourist information on the way into the park and where like: “Where´s is that cool ring-rock-thing?!” (We did not know that there was a name for it back then…). The person standing there looked at us with a big questionmark written all over her face. After a lot of explanation she understood what it was we wanted to see. It is pretty funny…. there were not ONE picture in that house from these amazing rocks. Typical of Australia, they are really bad at marketing their amazing nature! But we got on with our hike eventually so it´s all good!

Tourist information at Bouddi National Park.

We hiked

We hiked a couple of hours in the area. It was pretty neat! Not anything extraordinary but still very nice and beautiful! The coast in Oz-land is generally super sweet!


We found

Eventually we came to the rocks. Funny thing was that it was like 150m from a parkinglot. So if you´re not a fan of hiking, you don´t have to walk that far, but we actually love hiking it so we would´ve done that even if we knew about the parkinglot…

The rocks were spectacular! There were a lot of other weird rock formations out here and we spent some time just wandering, relaxing and eating some cupcakes we´d bought at Woolies before we left! 😉

Exploring the area.


Jumping out of joy!

Getting back

On the way back to our car we passed the town of Killcare. Nothing super interesting to show you from there, it is an ordinary town that is quite cute and very relaxing.. We found some plants we liked. We´re scandinavians, we always get blown away by plants that aren´t fir or birch!

Petting plants in Killcare.


So I give Bouddi´s Lisegang rings a 4 out of 5 stars!  if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-0_47961 The phenomena is freaking cool! If it wasn´t for the rings, the park isn´t that super interesting. The coast is great and all, but it looks pretty much the same wherever you go. But the rings: AWESOME!

Happy hiking! See ya,


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