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Geiranger fjord

One of Norway’s most famous and most beautiful fjords is the Geiranger Fjord. It lies within the Møre og Romsdal shire and is protected by UNESCO. You can either drive there by car/motorcycle (I recommend a bike) and also see Trollstigen at the same time, or you could take the Hurtigrut that enters the fjord with its massive ships. It is quite impressive just to see the ships in this narrow fjord. It´s hard to understand just how deep the water is here. I think this should be on everybody´s bucketlists since it is truly spectacular!

I´ve been to the Geiranger fjord twice (lucky enough, I live in Sweden which has Norway for its neighbour), both of the times it was raining. But even in rain it is such a beautiful place and the waterfalls just gets bigger! 🙂 But it would be awesome to see it on a sunny day at least for once… I drove my old Yamaha motorcycle both times and I was almost freezing to death both times as well. But it still was awesome! 🙂 Håkan was driving my ol´ -71 Beetle and I was almost envying him… it´s just such a beautiful car!

Getting there

Anyways, we drove from Åndalsnes, passing trollstigen (which is a story of its own, and you can read about it here.), took a ferry over Valldal to Eidsdal, which was so beautiful I wanted to cry! After this it is not that far to the Geiranger fjord. The road is called route 63 and you can easily find it because it is one of Norway´s biggest attractions.

The Beetle on the ferry.

And here we are

Eventually we got to our destination for the day: The Geiranger fjord. There are so much you can see and do around Geiranger. Unfortunately I´ve never had the time to explore the area more thoroughly. But one day I will… I have to… it is mandatory.

The fjord wall.
Big ship in the fjord. It looks small, but I promise you it isn´t!

On the road!


Yep, I love this place, as I love all of Norway. But it is something special about Geiranger. You have to see it to understand. So go there!

Here´s a video I made from our entire road trip through Norway:

I give the place 5 out of 5 stars: if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965if_star-4_47965


Happy travels!


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