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The King´s trail – Day 1

The summer of 2017 I let Håkan decide our next adventure. I was the one who planned our entire Eurotrip in 2016 (even if he did have some saying at least…) so I felt that it was his turn to give us memories for life. I did have to stop him with coming up with to extravagant ideas, since I was studying at the time and didn´t have a f*ckload of money. So he gave me the perfect solution: a mixture of our love for hiking and my lack of money, travel within our own country that is Sweden!

There is this beautiful trail far north that is called Kungsleden (the King´s trail in English) it spans 430km from Abisko to Hemavan and travels through the heart of Lapland. There´s is true wilderness and not that many people go there each year. It was genius!

The King´s trail map.


Getting to the starting point

Abisko is a small community in far north Sweden but it´s actually super easy to get there! We took a bus from where we live, in Karlskoga, to Uppsala and then changed to the night train to Boden from there. Most people come in to Sweden via Stockholm, and it is no difference in how to get to Abisko from there. Just take the night train directly from the Stockholm central to Boden. Sleep all night, wake up, change of train in Boden and then there´s only a couple of hours of relaxing before you´re in Abisko. The trail is right next to where the train stops. Don´t worry, there are signs EVERYWHERE. It is really hard to get lost…

So it begins

We arrived pretty late in the afternoon, I think it was around 1600 (4pm), so we didn´t manage to walk that far in the first day. But that´s alright, the weather was great and the views amazing, and also we weren´t in a hurry. We had 28 days to finish the hike so that´s plenty of time for 430km. It ended up taking 22 days (with one day of resting).



The Entrance to one of the best trails in the world!

The water

All the water in the Swedish fell are drinkable. At least if it is moving water. For water that are still, in lakes etc, we used a filter pump, even though it is kind of unnecessary. We didn´t want the risk of getting sick so we took the safe road on this one. And in some places along the route there were pretty far between the streams so we ended up pumping water from really small puddles at times. So I was happy I brought the pump!

Håkan is tapping up our bottles of water.


A lot of drinkable water!


Manned huts

At the end of each stage, you´ll find manned huts where you can buy provisions and even get a bed to sleep in if you are not a fan of tents. Well at least almost every stage has a hut… on stage 3, that is the one between Kvikkjokk and Ammarnäs, there´s a big gap of nothing. There is also almost no wind protections and stuff like that either, so come prepared. But that I will cover later on in my posts of each day. We stayed in our very much-loved tent every night to be one with nature!

Abiskojaure hut

We walk about 15km that first day before making camp. And that was the first meeting with what later on was going to make me lose my mind: The mosquitoes. There´s so freaking many mosquitoes up there! I can´t understand how the hell so many mosquitoes could be alive there. It´s not like there is SO many animals and humans they can suck blood from? A couple of reindeer… that´s pretty much it. Even if this is the most hiked part of Kungsleden, between Abisko and Nikkoloukta, there really isn´t that many people hiking the trail… Anyways. The mosquitoes were annoying as hell. We spent most of that evening inside our tent, trying to save our dog Krut from being eaten alive!

Krut is enjoying the great weather before the mosquitoes was trying to kill her.

So that was the first day of Kungsleden. And what a day it was! We were happy to get going after a long winter of planning and longing for hiking in nature.

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I did make a documentary about our hike on the King´s trail, it is a full length movie (1h 15min) so be prepared ;-D Here it is:

Happy trails!


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